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Welcome to Proserv Software & Support LLC – Your Ultimate IT Solution. Based in Connecticut, we specialize in offering robust, cost-effective, and personalized IT support to small businesses. Whether you’re a medical practice, a machine shop, or a gym, our expert team ensures your technology runs smoothly so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Proserv Software Support LLC
Proserv Software Support LLC
Proserv Software Support LLC


What We Do

Managed IT Services

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We provide continuous monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, and devices. This proactive service helps to identify and resolve issues before they become critical problems, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

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ProServ Software has been working with the cable providers to bring their hosted VoIP phone systems into our customers business when a robust, hosted platform is required.

Cloud Computing Solutions

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Leveraging the power of cloud technology, we offer scalable and secure cloud-based solutions that meet your business needs. This includes everything from data storage and backup to fully hosted environments, allowing for greater accessibility and collaboration within your organization.

Cybersecurity Protection

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We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your systems and sensitive information from threats. This includes firewall management, intrusion detection, encryption, and regular security assessments to ensure your business’s digital assets are safe and secure.


Why Proserv?

What sets Proserv Software & Support apart is our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations. Our client-centric approach means that we carefully analyze your business’s unique requirements to offer tailor-made solutions that fit both your operational needs and budget. By entrusting your IT needs to us, you gain access to reliable 24/7 support, strategic guidance, and continuous system monitoring, giving you the peace of mind to focus solely on what matters most to you – your business’s success. Partner with us and experience the Proserv difference!


What People Are Saying

Got my new lines up and running. Web connectivity throughout the new shop is perfect! Couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience with the guys at Proserv. Addressed all of our issues, including some very challenging application upgrades, and great support. Thanks Todd, Proserv is part of our family!

Tony Potvin

Our issue was solved quickly with a great attitude. I’d highly recommend this company! My laptop was sent back in great condition, working perfectly.

Izabella Murphy

The gentlemen at ProServ were very professional and helpful. They took the time to figure out the problem with our camera application on one of our computers and resolve the issue. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Bonnie Trimble-Cushman

Great company and wonderful people to work with. I was in a bind this summer with a crashed PC and they bailed me out and also walked me through an upgrade. I was up and running in no time thanks to the expertise they had to offer. I would certainly recommend them to everyone. Professional service with a smile and reasonably priced to boot.

Jatin Patel

I cannot recommend Proserv enough. I needed to have my computers evaluated for an insurance claim on a power surge. Tod analyzed the hardware, filled out the paperwork, and explained everything as he was doing it. I asked about data recovery (which would have been >$150 at Geeksquad) and he said he could do it for $65 OR he could send me a link to buy the recovery device myself on Amazon for $30. I was in and out quickly and for far less than I would have paid anywhere else. It also didn’t hurt that he was possibly the most pleasant person I’ve ever met.

James Ging

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