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KeyPer offers some rather nice features that make the application worth more than what we are offering it for. -- Our KeyPer program is 100% free to download and use.

 KeyPer encrypts both the username and password for each record in the database. It provides 2 different encryption keys so that anyone looking at the database couldn’t make logical guesses at what information is being concealed! For instance, let’s say that your user name is “Admin” and your password is also “Admin”. Anyone looking at the database could see that both fields held the same data, hence making your data a little easier to guess. With KeyPer, the username would be encrypted with a different key than the password so the values are not the same. This adds a level of security just at this level.

Next, the application can stay open on your desktop and your data remains safe! Ever record is concealed by encryption until you provide the credentials to open it! This means that no one can change this information without authenticating.

 We are now working on adding users to the application so that you can share some resources with users of your team while protecting all other resources. In fact, this new addition to the application will make it easy to manage passwords for more than one person or department. Let’s say that you have the combination to a safe in KeyPer. You can share this with specific users and even make some of them administrators of this resource. This gives them permission to change the details of this record if they feel it’s been compromised through word of mouth.  Yet others may only view the details and yet the remaining users wouldn’t even know that the record existed.

All these feature for free?  Oh yea, and we will continue to add features as the requests come in. Because it is being offered at no charge, support for this product is limited to our forum and email support. Paid support is available in certain cases.
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Full Screen Shot
Full view of the main interface
Log in to view the record
The user name and password are both encrpted. This means you can leave the application open all day. You need to login to view these records
Change the username and password
We are showing you what happens when you use the same value for the user name and password
Displays as differnet values
We use diffeent encrption keys so the vaules show as if they are not the same.