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ProServMA Product Description

ProServMA was firsst named MessageArchiver when it was first released in 2001 but changed to avoid conflict with another dissimilar product with that very name. It is a full featured application that allows users the ability to share customer notes made while talking to the customer. This can be an effective tool for businesses that have more than one person interacting with customers. ProServMA was written for a large distributor in NYC where the customer service representative were deleting notes on certain customers to benefit the customer. With ProServMA, notes made into the system are not editable once they are created., A date/time stamp is added to the user name of the person who created the note to give a visual representation of the timeline and people working on the customer record. Although it was developed for this large distributor, ProServMA is a tool that we use to manage our own customer records internally.
  1. Easy to use interface and employees have a log in to help keep records organized
  2. Built in system to forward customer records to someone else taking over the session
  3. The ability to put a customer on hold, credit hold or configurable status
  4. Add reminders to customer records that allow you to call the customer back at a given time, remind you to send out a statement or whatever you wish to use it for
  5. Customer record history is kept to allow you to return to a record quickly, without having to search for it again
  6. Full search capabilities. Find the customer by company name, address, city, state or even contact name.
  7. Record lock keeps the record open so that others can not make changes to it unless you release it.
  8. Separate Administration install for added security.
  9. Passwords are encrypted for extra security
  10. A copy of the history can be emailed directly from within the application.
  11. You can print all, or a portion of a customer record if necessary
  12. This application is an excellent tool for any size company.
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