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SMPro (Schedule Maintenance Professional)
SMPro (Schedule Maintenance Professional) Product Description

SMPro has been our pet project for almost 10 years now. It started as a simple application to manage equipment maintenance tasks and has grown into a fully automated, feature packed application that can now manage gauge and tool calibrations. Some of the features include:
  1. Maintain schedules of equipment maintenance while tracking times, repairs and parts used during the maintenance process
  2. Alert specified individuals of unscheduled downtime and when the equipment is back online
  3. Manage equipment tasks that need to be performed on weekends only. 
  4. Manage parts and inventory necessary to perform maintenance tasks on equipment. The inventory module is included free and manages inventory by location and vendor.
  5. Task creation on the fly for unscheduled maintenance including the ability to log each repair and deplete part inventory when needed
  6.  Alert the operator of inventory when it falls below the minimum threshold specified. Lead time and cost of replacement parts are also taken into consideration
  7. Assignments of equipment to individuals with the ability to forward tasks to other members in the department.
  8. Vacation schedules are allowed so that SMPro can alert the stand-by user when equipment is scheduled for maintenance.
  9. Fully integrated supplier functionality with ease of managing the parts they supply. This includes websites, contact information and more.
  10. New gauge calibration screens that allow you to manage the standards set by your AS9000 practices. Gauges can be taken offline while being re calibrated.
  11. SMPro now has the ability to sort equipment by type, department or location.
  12. Easy administration screens to help manage user permissions, task assignments, passwords, alerts and much more.
  13. Each user can have specific permissions from administration helpers to simple task managers. Fully visual, easy to follow and it provides the ability to assign just the right permissions appropriately.
  14. Reports are built in with the ability to add reports on the fly.
  15. SQL database for powerful integration with other database applications. This allows for complete automation between other programs and processes that may be in place.
  16. Email alerts and reminders are built in
  17. Many more features that would take a whole website of it's own to list! In fact, there is one being developed currently. Check back soon.
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Main Screen
The main interface after logging in.
Printed Tasks ready to complete
You can simulate a print to save paper or actually print the tasks due. When you do, they go to the bottom of the form indicating that they need to be completed
Forwarding Tasks
You can select a task and forward it to another user in the system. This enables you to maintain control of the records, yet distribute the work throughout your department.
Complete Tasks electronically
Although you can print the maintenance task to paper to distribute, you can also update these tasks electronically without ever hitting paper!
Add Notes and Problems
Users can add notes when completing maintenance tasks as well as to log problems and solutions that are searchable by everyone at any time. This helps build a knowledge base and makes maintenance task and repairs more efficient
Lessons Learned
Select the level of the problem, type in the actual problem and solution. These are searchable by anyone