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Website Update
We have updated our website to display our NEWS and EVENTS pages in a more viewable friendly format. This allows you to quickly look at the headline, post date and first few lines of the post to see if its something you wish to read. Some of the changes include:

  1. The news section will now show a thumbnail of any main image that the news topic may hold.
  2. The published date is viewable on the right hand side of the title for a quick view of when the topic was released.
  3. Easier to read fonts with the first 200 characters of the article displayed immediately and the remaining article available just by clicking onto the topic.
  1. Now a small thumbnail will show in the event brief description if there is one associated with the event.
  2. The event details are listed in an abbreviated format for ease of viewing
  3. The event dates and times are displayed at the main screen in ascending order. 
  4. The event location are displayed without having to open the entire listing
  5. Past events are removed from view
More changes to come, please check back often!