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SMPro Updated
SMPro has just received a new feature!
As if SMPro wasn't full featured enough, we have added several new enhancements to make the product even more enticing. Gage calibrations were added by a request from Die-El Tool & Manufacturing. They have agreed to test this feature before adding it into the mainstream application. The testing has been completed, the bugs have been worked through and it is now part of the SMPro application. While going through these tests with Di-El Tool, we found a few additional enhancements that made things work much better inside the application.
  1. Task forwarding was added to manage tasks with one manager, yet have the tasks completed by his team.
  2. Better task alerts for companies that don't check the application every day. Now there is a service that runs on a server that monitors the tasks and emails the owners of these tasks when they are due.
  3. Color coding has been added to be configurable by the operator. This makes it easy to visualize the tasks due, the ones that have been forwarded and more.
  4. Inventory management received a complete overhaul! This now manages inventory from multiple locations, multiple vendors for multiple equipment assignments.

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